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About Us

About Us

About Mahaweli

Mahaweli is a proudly Canadian, owned professional consulting firm specializing in Information Technology [ IT] and Business, planning, engineering, environmental science, and management. We partner with clients to provide committed, collaborative, and inventive solutions to complex, multi-faceted projects.



Empowering Passionate People to Create Better Solutions

At Mahaweli, we empower passionate professionals within a collaborative, innovative, and caring environment as we work with clients to co-create insightful solutions to whatever challenges they may be facing. Our ability to anticipate, understand, and provide deep insights into the IT Solutions, engineering, environmental and planning needs of our clients results in both sustainable outcomes and long-term partnerships. Our commitment to individual empowerment and ongoing development enables us to not only best serve our clients, but better influence our own destinies as we shape the future of the communities and greater world around us.


Balancing the Opportunities of Today with The Needs Of Tomorrow

Our vision is to be known and sought out for our ability to bring elegant, simple, and sustainable solutions to our clients’ most compelling opportunities and complex challenges. Having earned the trust to be daring in execution, our people will be recognized for their success in balancing competing priorities to maximize the possibilities of today without compromising the potential of tomorrow. We will be at the leading edge of people development in order to achieve this vision.


At Mahaweli, our shared expectations and beliefs bind us. Our culture and values are critical to our success as an employer, a service provider and corporate citizen. We have captured our core values within six key themes:


Inclusiveness and Diversity (I&D):

We choose to prioritize Inclusiveness and Diversity in the operation of our business, in our values and in our culture. We do this because it makes the business stronger.

Inclusiveness and Diversity (I&D) at Mahaweli is essential for us to empower passionate people to create better solutions and to stay competitive in our industry. Inclusiveness in business is about involving many different types of people and removing barriers in our workplace, so we can generate new ideas and become even more innovative in the work that we do. We know that I&D is not one person's job, but must be widespread across the organization, so everyone can see I&D as their role.