have been so delightedly surprised by the level of service provided by MAHAWELI since hiring them as my IT managed service provider. We are a virtual service provider company, and as such are dependent on computers for all our work. In the last week, I have had two occasions to reach out to support. In both cases, it was resolved within the hour. It means a lot for me as a small business owner to know that the IT support is there for me and my team whenever we need it. I would be very comfortable to recommend MAHAWELI to any business owner, it is huge value for the money – my only regret is that I waited so long to hire them!

Erika Biesenthal
Founder, Plan By Numbers

As a small business owner, one of the first things I did to ensure that I kept my business running smoothly and to provide and deliver timely and secure services to my own clients, was to hire managed IT services.

I've been a client of  MAHAWELI for over 2 years and have always had very responsive and professional service from the MAHAWELI team. Most recently my hard drive had to be replaced and they went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that I had my laptop back in worki   ng order as quickly as possible, which involved the team working through the weekend.

Running a business can be stressful at the best of times and even more so in our current pandemic environment, but having reliable managed IT services like, MAHAWELI  provides a significant peace of mind.

Lynne Taylor
Principal, Taylored Corp.

Before MAHAWELI we had tried outsourcing our IT management with two other vendors, but the quality of service, efficiencies and cost advantages expected were not realized. We decided again to try to maintain our IT services and infrastructure internally, but it distracted key production and management employees from more critical business issues and was not a good use of their time and our resources. Since the addition of MAHAWELI, our IT infrastructure and services (including user help desk, reviewing and updating SOPs, migration to Microsoft Office 365 and leading outsourcing initiatives) have been evaluated, reorganized and optimized allowing better productivity and a more sustainable IT environment all while managing costs to maximize value and ROI. I would highly recommend MAHAWELI to a company seriously reviewing or considering Managed IT services

Mike Carleton
Chief Financial Officer at Dymaxium Inc.

I have been using MAHAWELI for over two years. Prior to that, we were having periodic breakdowns that at a couple of points that totally hampered our productivity for a day or two. Then it would take me a few days to catch up. Since starting with MAHAWELI , I haven’t had a major failure. Further, any minor incidents were either handled prior to me even knowing about them or reacted to so quickly that I didn’t lose much time at all. It is great knowing that I don’t have to worry about my IT so that I can concentrate on the core of my business

Doug Kerr
President, TAB Etobicoke

In a recent event with a high-profile client, we were called afterhours to assess and determine the cause of why our system kept going down which is typically uncommon. After several hours of the client trying to find the root cause of the problem, we contacted our MSP partner MAHAWELI who was able to provide remote troubleshooting within minutes and helped stitch together a solution until they were able to attend in person the following day. MAHAWELI provided our client a very thorough, reasonable, straightforward solution with onsite and remote support which helped resolve the client's issues. Our client was very impressed and as a result we found a solution to a problem that could have only been resolved with willingness, dedication and experience, thanks to MAHAWELI.

Adeel Rajput
President at ARC Group